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Eckse is a leading and oldest company producing sports dance shoes in Eastern Europe.

The company was founded in 1990 as a small shoe factory with a staff of 3 persons, but first experiments with shoe making were started by the company founder as early as 1985.

At present the area of working and office facilities of the company is 2500 m², and production personnel is more than 100 people. Company headquarters and main production facilities are situated in Russia. Eckse representative offices are located in Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Europe, and USA.

Our sports dance shoes are designed and crafted by dedicated and highly skilled specialists. Every pair is made by means of the most advanced machinery of quality natural and synthetic materials which passed a careful selection and tests. Every footwear assemblage operation is thoroughly checked by our technical control service.

Shoe last shapes and profiles developed by leading English, Spanish and Ukrainian specialists along with a specific model construction ensure a high comfort, flexibility, shoe stability, and tight foot grasp that is of fundamental importance in dance sport.

The company is always in search of new ideas in the field of shoe design and production, new high-quality materials and accessories. Our specialists keep a careful watch on new dance fashion trends and regularly consult leading professional dancers and eminent trainers. At present our collections include hundreds of shoe models, materials, furniture, heel models and heights, and that allows to fulfil even the most demanding tastes and requirements of our clients.

On our web site you can see only the most popular Eckse shoe models in view of the latest dance fashion trends.

According to a wide range of materials, every model chosen by you can be made in your individual set.

We hope that our products will let any dance enthusiast uncover and realize his creative potential.

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